Wood Fence Painting in Austin TX  

It might be tempting to turn your wood fence painting in Austin TX into a do-it-yourself home improvement project. However, this can do you more harm than good. There’s so much more to painting a surface than just color application. Aside from the color, you also have to consider the surface to be painted, the kind of paint to use, the type of finish, and the application technique to name a few. That’s why it’s more practical to hire our expert painters at Austin Wall Painting to save yourself from the headache of having to deal with this yourself! 

Wood Fences and Maintenance  

Wood fences deteriorate more quickly compared to concrete surfaces. Because of this, wood fences need to be painted more frequently. The average lifespan of a wood fence paint job is around 5-7 years and depending on the weather, the paint can fade faster because of the rain and heat. Wood fences also tend to get easily stained and trying to clean them would ruin the paint job. 

The best way to refurbish your wood fence paint job is to have it regularly painted, once every 5-7 years. Though wood fence painting in Austin is relatively easy if you have the right tools and equipment, working under the heat of the sun can pose some serious health issues. Because the best time to paint your fences is in summer, you’ll be dealing with the heat a lot. So it’s generally best to hire Austin local fence painters as their skill and experience will surely get the job done in no time.  

How much does it cost to stain a wood fence in Austin? 

Painting a fence is a smaller job than painting a house. In neighborhoods where fences are generally painted for ambience, the price for painting fence panels in Austin is affordable. And since wood fence painting is a job that requires a degree of dexterity, you should look for the right painters to trust to make sure that even the in-between parts of the board are painted. These blind spots are hard to reach, but with the right techniques, they aren’t much of a problem. 

DIY painting usually ends up with a sloppy job because most painters let the weather get into them. And if it does end up that way, the next paint job can become trickier for the next batch of painters. You don’t want your wood fences to start rotting because of a failed DIY paint job, so when it comes to fence painting companies near me, just hire the Austin Exterior Painting Pros from the start. 

Because fences are part of the exteriors of your home, it is much more prone to the elements of nature as well as wear and tear. For this reason, regular maintenance is definitely a must. Not only will panting your fences improve the visual quality of your property’s exteriors, but it will also greatly boost its market value. So why wait? Get the services of our amazing painters for wood fence painting in Austin TX to make sure that your property is getting the best kind of painting service it deserves!  

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